Graduate Degrees

All our programs are taught by professionals, meaning that you’ll get an outstanding education relevant to your career goals.

We also offer 12 programs in our master’s and doctoral programs, including:

Clinical-Community Psychology
Through the unique, humanistic-focused program in clinical-community psychology, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills to improve the lives of individuals, families and various communities with specific needs. Different from other psychology master’s programs in the Pittsburgh region, this program teaches students a holistic, humanistic and phenomenological approach that seeks to better understand human experience and behavior. Students can choose to concentrate in either clinical-community psychology or marriage and family therapy.

Degrees Offered: Master of Arts

Communication Technology
The rapid evolution of digital communication technologies has dramatically impacted the essential knowledge and skills required to carve out and advance a career as a communications professional or scholar. This innovative program prepares students to embrace technology — and technological change — as an essential part of their professional portfolio. Graduates will be well-positioned to pursue careers in the business, government and non-profit sectors that deal with new media production, e-publishing, marketing, public affairs, education and professional training.

Degrees Offered: Master of Arts

Criminal Justice
Point Park University’s criminal justice major is based upon the enforcement of the law, detection of crimes, investigation of crimes, prosecution of offenders and eventual sentencing of individuals convicted in the criminal justice system. Unlike many other criminal justice programs which are centered in psychology or sociology, Point Park’s criminal justice curriculum is based upon the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act and integrates social sciences, behavioral sciences and humanities as part of its interdisciplinary program.

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science

Engineering Management
In this program, a student earns his or her degree in as little as five semesters. Students learn to utilize human, financial and technical resources and upon graduation are prepared to function as a manager in all aspects of the engineering enterprise. This graduate engineering program’s six-credit per semester format has been designed to accommodate the working adult with classes meeting in the evenings or on Saturdays.

Degrees Offered: Master of Science

Environmental Studies
This interdisciplinary degree program is intended to provide students with an understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems and their solutions. Offered in an accelerated format, the degree can be completed in as little as 11 months. The program prepares graduates to function as environmental professionals in industry, regulatory agencies and non-profit organizations.

Degrees Offered: Master of Science

Global Security and Intelligence
Point Park University is the only institution in the Pittsburgh region to offer a Master of Arts degree in intelligence and global security designed for individuals seeking employment or promotion within the U.S. intelligence community or non-government intelligence and global security entities. This program is unique because it concentrates on the collection — and implementation — of intelligence data to solve problems, provide protection and create policies.

Degrees Offered: Master of Arts

In today’s ever-changing world, strong leadership is vital for both individual and organizational success. This program will give you a strong foundation in leadership intelligence, the ability to apply appropriate leader development best practices and ethical standards in diverse environments while aligning personal and professional goals with organizational goals. Designed for individuals who aspire to leadership roles, our innovative curriculum will enable you to develop your own strategies for inspiring, coaching and motivating others while teaching you how to create positive and collaborative work environments that encourage innovation and support change initiatives. Concentrations are offered in social innovation or strategy.

Degrees Offered: Master of Arts

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Advance in your career with one of the top M.B.A. programs in Pittsburgh. This program will fit into your busy life and work schedule, and students can complete their M.B.A. degree in as little as 18 months. Eight concentrations are available, including health systems management, international business, and business analytics.

Degrees Offered: Master of Business Administration

Media Communication
This innovative program equips students with the tools to do real-world journalism, create public relations and advertising campaigns and produce compelling documentaries using cutting-edge tools and distribution channels. Expert faculty who teach in the media communication program include current and former journalists, broadcasters, public relations and advertising professionals, designers and documentarians, as well as experienced researchers and theorists. Students can choose one of three concentrations in journalism, public relations and advertising, or documentary.

Degrees Offered: Master of Arts

The screenwriting program emphasizes a balance of hands-on work in the development of scripts along with the study and theory of storytelling. Screenwriters participate in workshop settings, providing and receiving feedback from peers and instructors. The program provides opportunities for collaboration with other writers, filmmakers and animators. Screenwriters see their ideas brought to life on the screen and gain intimate knowledge of the industry and its structure. Writers will also have the opportunity to make films, and, by directing actors and composing shots, they can more fully realize the possibilities of visual storytelling.

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts

Doctor of Education in Leadership and Administration
Our Ed.D. program in leadership and administration will expand your leadership skills and help you reach a higher-level position in your career. Courses are offered fully online or at our Downtown Pittsburgh campus, making it possible for working professionals to meet family and personal obligations while finishing all required courses — as well as a dissertation — in three years or less.
Ph.D. in Community Engagement
The Ph.D. in community engagement is a unique social lab designed for working professionals who want to improve their effectiveness as leaders while gaining a broad understanding of public policy, program development, community psychology and best practices in leadership and engagement. The community engagement program prepares leaders for outreach and partnership work in civic, business and community organizations.
Psy.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology
Our Ed.D. program in leadership and administration will expand your leadership skills and help you reach a higher-level position in your career. While pursuing a degree in leadership and administration, students have the opportunity to work closely with a mentor in their chosen field, have access to faculty and guest speakers from diverse disciplines, attend an introductory course on research writing, providing guidance early on in the program and receive feedback provided by faculty throughout the dissertation process.