Student Testimonials

Bamidele Ajisogun

Bamidele Ajisogun

Job Title:
Business Intelligence Analyst

Lagos, Nigeria

What is your current program of study and concentration?
I’m a graduate student at Point Park University, where I’m currently in the MBA program. My concentration is in management information systems. I currently work with UPMC, as a Project and Business Intelligence Analyst. I use the knowledge gained from Point Park University to apply to research I do in my current position.
What are some things you do in your career as a business intelligence analyst?
Currently, I analyze data, I do a lot of gap analysis, I do a lot of comparison analysis, I do a lot of array work with big data, and all of that. Point Park University has given me that opportunity, that platform to express myself, to be in this position where I am now, and I’m doing more exploits, doing more research, and it’s been productive.
What are some of the opportunities for international students at Point Park University?
Point Park University is a very good opportunity for other international students that are willing to apply, because it gives a very good platform, where students can have opportunity for internships. The experience is awesome, because Pittsburgh, itself, is a cold place, but it’s a very, very lovely environment, and I hope you guys will like it.

ChiChi Anuforo

ChiChi Anuforo

Job Title:

Accra, Ghana

Why did you want to study at Point Park?
I actually wanted a new experience, because I’ve studied in Ghana all my life. I wanted something different. I went online and saw that studying in the United States is interesting and different. You learn so many things, and there are so many opportunities. There was one particular course (Bioinformatics) that helped me choose biology and the biological sciences program at Point Park. That’s what really pulled me to Point Park, because I actually have an IT background and I love programming and IT. Merging my interest in biology with my technical background was an excellent opportunity.
Do you have any advice for incoming students?
My advice would be to really ask more questions. Find out as much information as you can and you can plan very well, in advance, so you won’t be surprised. Especially get to understand the residence halls and how everything works with class registration.
in what ways are you using skills that you’ve learned at PPU?
I enjoyed my course in educational psychology. It really helped me by learning how kids behave at different phases of their life. I would like to be a pediatrician, so it really helped me with that. Learning how to relate to them is going to help me in my medical field.


Kenny Casado

Job Title:
Customer Operations Engineer

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

What factors made you choose Point Park’s engineering management program?
Point Park had an affordable tuition program and the Master of Science in Engineering Management program had all the classes I was interested in and more. I also had the chance to take some MBA classes as well. Also, Point Park welcomed international students; therefore, I knew that the university had a multicultural student and faculty body. It was good to not feel alone and know that other people were having similar experiences as me. Lastly, when I met with some of Point Park’s professors at an open house, I found their knowledge very suitable for the classes they taught.
What was one of your favorite experiences as a graduate student at Point Park?
I had a great experience at Point Park as a student. I met an amazing group of professors and faculty who encouraged me to excel in every class I took. As a Spanish-speaking student, it was a challenge for me to take graduate engineering classes in English but the patience of my professors and classmates made things easier. Point Park has a very good library where I spent most of my time studying and completing projects.

Also, how can I forget the amazing classmates I had? As an international student, I was a minority but that didn’t stop my classmates from welcoming me with open arms and for that I am very grateful.

What advice do you have for women pursuing careers in engineering?
I can say that my experience as an engineer has been amazing. The fact that women tend to be more focused, detail-oriented and organized — three important things an engineer must have — makes engineering suitable for women. For those who fear math, know that engineers are trained to think and solve problems (that is why math is in our program) but depending on what path you choose, the math you will use every day in the work field is generally not as hard as what you are facing in the program. I receive a lot of respect from my peers because there are not as many females as males in the engineering field. You will feel great when you get hired because of your capabilities and strengths as a woman.

Suresh Chockiah

Suresh Chockiah

Job Title:
VP, Strategic Services & Enterprise Architecture

Chennai, India

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA with an international business concentration?
I have worked in the technology space for about 22 years now and have gained deep knowledge in this field. But I always felt I had some gaps when it came to the areas of corporate finance and economics. I decided to pursue an MBA degree to make myself well-rounded, as it becomes very important as I move up in my career. I also wanted to broaden my viewpoint to make better technology and business decisions.

Several professors at Point Park gave me a lot of insight into what international business really means. An international business concentration is very appropriate for the times we live in since everything is global now.

What factors made you choose Point Park for grad school?
I wanted to go to a school that was convenient and flexible from a work-life balance standpoint. Since I worked in Downtown Pittsburgh, the campus location was very convenient. I could go to Point Park right after work and complete the MBA degree at my own pace. Also, I heard good things about the University from my work colleagues. They had high regard for Point Park professors.
Describe the teaching style of Point Park’s MBA professors.
The professors all had deep knowledge in the subjects they were teaching especially Dr. Kraniou, Dr. Sidky, Dr. Maharaja and Dr. Haley. They were 100 percent dedicated and wanted to make sure the students understood the material and were able to apply it to their real lives. Classes were never just theoretical where you would take a test and you’re done. The professors always gave practical, real-life examples of the topics they were teaching.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel

Job Title:
User Acceptance Tester Analyst for Wealth Management Operations

Ahmedabad, India

Why did you choose Point Park for graduate school?
A friend recommended I study at Point Park. Through my initial research about graduate programs, I found out that Point Park offers perhaps the widest and the most flexible educational opportunities, which are very hard to find anywhere else. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Point Park provides a lively college experience. I spent three years in Pittsburgh and I can say the city has it all — history, great food, diverse cultures and it’s a sports lover’s dream. Pittsburgh is a great college town with vibrant neighborhoods to explore and exciting nightlife destinations around the campus.
How did your MBA degree help you land your position at Morgan Stanley?
Having a degree from Point Park and the skill sets I gained learning from outstanding faculty tremendously helped me in landing a job at Morgan Stanley. Studying for an MBA in international business transformed my skill sets and gave me knowledge about a broad range of industries and organizations. Morgan Stanley is a well-known, multi-financial services corporation that likes to add diverse, creative individuals to its workforce. Having an MBA in international business perfectly fit their job description.

Also, Point Park offers a great career development center for its students and alumni. Networking with alumni has enabled me to build professional relationships and create strong social networks.

What did you like best about Point Park?
Studying at Point Park is one of my most memorable experiences. Naturally, like many foreign students, I had to deal with culture shock. However, learning at Point Park is not just about getting your degree. It also taught me how to move beyond that culture shock. It was my privilege to meet people from all around the world. I now can say I have friends from Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe and more.

Fenil Patel

Fenil Patel

Job Title:
Technical Testing Intern

Surat, India

Why did you choose Point Park to pursue a master’s degree in engineering management?
I chose Point Park for four good reasons. I can complete the M.S. in engineering management degree in as little as five semesters, the cost of tuition is reasonable, the class sizes are small, and last but not least, Point Park is in the City of Pittsburgh, which is known for technology.
How did you land your internship with Allpoint Systems?
I stopped by the Career Development Center and met with Santina Frazer, a career counselor, about internship opportunities. Santina then sent me an email about the Urban Innovation21 internship program, which provides opportunities for students to work for an innovative company. I posted my resume through this program and began receiving numerous emails about internship opportunities. One of these emails was for an internship at Allpoint Systems.
How would you describe Point Park’s engineering management professors?
Point Park’s engineering management program has done a great job in appointing professors with actual experience in the field they teach, giving them the ability to share their real-life experiences directly with the students.