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About Pittsburgh

Discover one of America’s most dynamic and beloved cities. Located approximately four hours northeast of the nation’s capital, Pittsburgh offers a host of world-class amenities while still providing small-town friendliness. Explore outstanding museums, historical sites and green spaces. Get to know its culinary excellence and fervent sports culture. Originally famous for the steel industry, Pittsburgh is now a 21st-century leader in the industry of clean and solar energy. See for yourself why Pittsburgh is rated one of the most livable cities in the world.*

When you live at Point Park University, you put the world at your fingertips. The Point Park campus lies near the Golden Triangle, an area of downtown that houses a wealth of industrial and cultural opportunities in less than one square mile. Close proximity to Pittsburgh’s center means that class, lunch, the big game or a job interview are just a short walk away. It means having the chance to establish lasting connections with some of the world’s most influential businesses. It means discovering part of America — and who you can become there.

*By Metropolis Magazine

Campus Life

Point Park is committed to cultivating the lives of students far beyond the classroom. We offer:

  • More than 40 student groups and 11 varsity athletic teams
  • Meal plans and local restaurant discounts that cater to numerous dietary requirements and preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options
  • Career development services
  • Recreation facilities
  • Social programming
  • Physical, psychological and academic support services

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